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Life is always about change, and reinventing yourself when the time is right and the opportunity presents itself. That time is here for me. And I am excited!
I came with my family to Ocean Isle from Huntersville, NC, a little over 16 years ago. Yea! Walking on the beach, riding bikes, walking the dog, working in the yard, etc. Living the carefree salt water life, right? Unfortunately, I had a family to raise and needed to work. Luckily, I found employment with Sloane Realty Vacations, a place that would teach me something new every day. I came in working at the front desk with renters and homeowners. Over the next years, I moved up through the accounting department, to the newly-created position of Reservations & Maintenance Manager. Each opportunity taught me more about our beautiful area, the people who own property here, and the people who visit us. I attended several national conferences where I learned trends in the vacation industry and about developing technologies. My last position at Sloane was Director of Property Management which brought me closer to the world of real estate in that I was required to get my real estate license, review contracts, and work with owners on maximizing the value of their homes. It was incredibly intense, demanding, and stressful; but I believe it has brought me in contact with so many people in our community and that I continue to maintain a good relationship with all.
Now I am ready to launch my career in real estate. I believe it is the next logical progression in my changing life. How could I not be excited? The one trait I was able to steadily develop through all the years was patience. I have learned to listen and formulate questions that give me a clear picture of what a client is looking for in their real estate venture. Since I think of myself as a social person, listening and talking is not hard for me. I look forward to working with those of you who know that change is inevitable so let's make it a good one!

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